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2012 DCQG Quilt Show

Hometown Quilts of Davie
(2012 Quilt Show)
The 2012 quilt show is now a part of history.  Initial reports are that the show was a success.  Attendance was great on both days. Lots of raffle tickets were sold.  Some wonderful items were sold off in the silent auction and everyone enjoyed the hot dogs and baked goods.

Our vendors were very happy with the venue and asked to be remembered when we have our next show.

A special thanks to Jean Shipley & Carol Wagner for working so hard to make the show a success.

Ann Foil of Mocksville was the lucky winner of the gorgeous raffle quilt.

Ribbon Winners:
Large quilt 100's      1st place Loren Magnus - for the 4th of July
                                     2nd place  Ann Foil - Garden Club
                                     3rd. place, Judy Keaton - Cosmati Rings Extended
Applique Etc 200's   1st. place - Sue Seaford - Country Sunshine
                                     2nd place - Jane Bullard - Life at Split Creek Farm
                                     3rd. place - A Time Remembered - Brenda hanes
Hand Quilted 300's   1st. place - Karen Willard -, Feathered Fantasy
                                       2nd. place - Ann Cline - Amish Spinning Star
                                       3rd. place - Ann Cline - Stairway to heaven

Small Quilts 400's     1st. place Carol Wagner - Chicken Quilt
                                       2nd. place Diana Bromley - The Journey
                                       3rd. place, Carol Wagner - Halloween Quilt

Mystery Quilt 500's     1st. place, Ann Cline, marys mystery quilt
                                       2nd. place, Brenda Hanes, Scrap Happy
                                       3rd. place, Ann Foil, Goldie Olde

Others 600's              1st. place, Diana Hollman - blue multiprint jacket
                                      2nd. place, Cynthia Summers, Table runner squares
                                      3rd. place, Karen Willard, North Pole Village Table Topper

Best of show           Ann Cline, Amish Spinning Star

If anyone has yadtel TV, be sure to watch over the next few days.  Imogene was interviewed for the local channel.  The crew also spent some time taping the quilts on display. 

There was also a representative from www.DavieCountyBlog.com who took pictures and posted to the blog.  Click the link below to see the pictures.


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